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Ama Manson

Welcome to my brand homepage.

My brand name is Ama Manson because my maiden name was Mamet Ama Manson. I am an educator, coach, author and social media strategist.

I am a social justice entrepreneur and produce merchandise that affirm identities and self worth. I am a champion for individual progress and the preservation of good family units. I am a wife, mother, educator and lifelong student.

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And if you need help with tattoo design then we would like to design it just for you. Our artists are experienced and have done thousands of custom tattoos.

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Identity Notebooks

Use our notebooks and the affirmations in them to help develop your self worth and that of your children.

Give them as gifts to help others to learn about your affirmations and treat you accordingly.

Take them everywhere and let us all work together to establish the alternative rhetoric for social integration.

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